Engagement rings and wedding rings come in different styles and designs depending on the preference of its wearer. Despite its diversity the bottom line is that there are things to discuss when it comes to engagement and wedding rings, this includes emotional values, quality, and its conventional meanings.


Western and European countries see these rings as an important symbol for marriage. Engagement rings serve as a gift given by males to females as a proposal for marriage, if females accept the ring it means to say they are willing to get married with the male. Even in the early times rings differ when it comes to their quality and market value. As mentioned earlier, if rings are accepted it only means one thing, both individuals agree to tie the knot and live under the same roof.


Over time people have change their preference when it comes to engagement rings. In the early times, the choice of engagement ring, its design and material to be used is the responsibility of the soon to be groom. This is usually made ahead of time before the proposal. Unlike before, the selection of engagement rings is already a choice between the soon to be bride and groom. With that being said, they are given the chance to choose which ring they prefer. Thus the choice of the rings is starting to be a conjugal decision.


The styles as well as the materials have also become more varied since people have cutting edge tools that allow superb quality of wedding rings. The traditional metals are still popular these days like gold, bronze and silver but of course others prefer the modern ones like the stainless steel, titanium, and tungsten carbide. The changing style and material used for the ring paved way for a new market value.


The changes in the market have also affected the use of gemstones for engagement rings and wedding rings. There are of course timeless stones used and that is the diamond however the changes resulted to a new development and that is the use of man made gems like cubic zirconium. These are widely used by a number of people. There are also different stones used aside from the latter, these are rubies and pearls, sapphire, and emerald.



From the past, a certain company set a standard for the market value of engagement and wedding rings, the standard rate is not less than three months of your salary.